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The IFCW/FILC is an international association that regroups small federations of traditional wrestling from several countries of Western Europe. Its organisation is not based on the states, but on the regions of its members. It has been created in 1985 in Cardiff.

The IFCW/FILC is at the same time confederation and federation. It doesn’t take decision over the rules of the practised styles, but controls the organisation of the championships once a year.


The activity of the IFCW/FILC is the organisation of courses, conferences, seminaries, competitions and championship of traditional wrestling to valorise the work of the federation’s members. 

The IFCW/FILC has since 1985 welcomed new federations of traditional wrestling that found in this opportunity a means to spread their image to the international level. We’d love to have you join us. Get in touch to find out more.

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